freilicht [2010]
"cd - 7 songs - running time 59 min. - "rind und stein" - featuring "invade my me", "freilicht", "mountains´ room", "wolfsatem", "luftzustand", "thwart majesty" and "krafthand" [here]

liquid songs of a deadbird [2007]
"cd - 9 songs - running time 79 min. - "rind und stein" - featuring "nyr vana", "051880", "way similar", "flug/schatten", "der iktus", "liquid song of a deadbird", "annual flower", "hall of metrics" and "grauwald/lichtgestalt" [here]

the flavour of 51 golden mandingos [2006]
"cd - 9 songs - running time 77 min. - "rinde und stein" - featuring "the one, the rat, the snake", "live to leave" and 7 other mandingos [here]

the cassini session one [2005]
"vinyldubplate 12" - 2 songs - running time 27 min. - "schimmelschmidt's penthouse" - featuring "encaladus" and "hyperion" [here]

untitled 12" [1997]
"vinyl 12" - 6 songs - running time 40 min. - "common cause" - featuring "about 1000 kHz", "whale", "much without sense", "builder", "soundmillionaire" and "cicada" [here]

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